SPECIAL REPORT: Andrew Wyatt walked out of Tim Horton's Rich after Losing "Roll Up The Rim."

Andrew Wyatt from Calgary walked into Tim Horton's for a coffee with his last remaining money. An hour later, he walked out absolutely rich.

Never one to be able to hold a job more than 6 months, Andrew Wyatt had been close to bankruptcy for months. After a restless night he found enough change in his pants to buy a cup of coffee, hoping to win "Roll up The Rim" at Tim Hortons and get a free donut. He would have never guessed how much his life was about to change.

After buying his coffee at Tim Hortons, Andrew's cup was a loser. No free donut or coffee today. Feeling defeated he sat down with his coffee and started to browse Facebook.

He come across an online gambling site giving away 80 promotional spins at their progressive jackpot. With nothing to lose and 30 minutes of free time, Andrew decided to try his luck. What happened 20 minutes and 16 spins later would change his life forever.

In one single spin, Andrew won the progressive jackpot of 21Bets "Mega Moolah" game, cashing out on $362,259 in the matter of 5 seconds. Andrew spilled his coffee and jaw hit the floor.

“I just didn’t believe it at first,” Andrew said. “I thought it was some sick joke my coworkers had played on me. It was'nt until I hit the cash out button and saw the $362,259 number next to my name that I knew it was real.”

Other patrons reported Andrew jumping up and down cheering in the middle of a quiet Tim Hortons. People were looking at him like he had lost his mind until he shouted to everyone in line, "Coffee and Donuts are on me!" The Tim Hortons manager said that comment set him back $120 which Andrew was happy to pay (on his credit card, of course).

And while one of the bigger winners of the giveaway, Andrew certainly isn’t the only one to cash out on Mega Moolah free spins. Since the promotion began last month, over 238 players all over have won money from 100% free play. However, it appears the giveaway will be soon ending as the company has already paid out over $5,420,000 in total winnings this last month.

Think this could be your lucky day too? Sign up for Mega Moolah and they’ll even give you 80 Spins FREE to play!

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  • Posted by Michael

    I saw this on the news about how another lady won while on the toilet. I just claimed the spins...gonna try for myself!

  • Posted by Corey

    The timing of this couldn't be better, my husband and I are struggling and this could be our answer.

  • Posted by Rich

    My brother works in the online gambling industry and Zodiac Casino is notoriously known for having some of the the “loosest" slots in the industry. I’ve tripled my $$ on "mega moulah” Truth

  • Posted by Mike

    I’m a huge online gambler and the rumors are, Zodiac is trying to become the biggest online casinos in Canada. That’s why they're offering free plays left and right AND they have some of the easiest Online Gambling. So players win often and spread the word. Take advantage of this while you still can guys!

  • Posted by Larry

    Ah yes I heard of these guys before. they’re legit and it’s easy to win if you play the smaller jackpots. I remember winning like $300 with the free credits they gave me

  • Posted by Dan

    Gambling ruins lives you stupid arses!! Don't glamourise it when 99% of people who do it on this level will steal and destroy their friends and family's lives

  • Posted by Jordan

    What's the problem if the spins are free @Dan...I understand you can deposit a $1 and also get $20 free, I think thats pretty fair.

    • Posted by Kenneth

      Hey, Jordan, I actually won $300 last week doing same...its not a bad score really...!

    • Posted by Jordan

      Thanks! I love tims!!